How long should my physiotherapy session be?

Most injuries require a 45 minute-session ( back and neck, shoulder, ankle, ecc). Small areas like fingers and wrist might need only 30 minutes. If you need to be treated for multiple injuries you will need a 60 minute-session.

Does my health insurance cover physiotherapy?

Most health insurance companies cover physiotherapy. Some might require a referral from a GP or a specialist. If you are not sure check with with your insurance company.

How many sessions will I need?

There are many variables that can affect how quickly you will recover. If you are not sure, give us a call and we will discuss it together. As part of the treatment, we will customise an exercise program so that you can have an active role in your recovery. If we think that your condition requires another healthcare professional ( e.g. orthopaedic Dr) we will refer you to the right person.

Should I book a physiotherapy or clinical massage session?

If you are having pain or an injury please book a physiotherapy session so we will be able to assess and manage your condition accordingly.

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