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Sports massage is a form of manual therapy delivered by our experienced therapists, who have a deep understanding of human anatomy. It involves an assessment of your condition and is focused on treating the tissues that are causing your pain. Some of the benefits are to reduce muscle pain, maintain and restore flexibility and speed up the healing processes. Our therapists will also advise you on physical activities and lifestyle improvements in order to optimize your recovery. From athletes to sedentary workers, anyone who suffers from muscle pain and stiffness can benefit from sports massage.

Sporrts massage



Highly qualified therapists

Detailed assessment

Targeted to your needs

Stretching & mobility 

Massage techniques that we use

Trigger point massage

Trigger point massage

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage

Swedish massage

Swedish massage
Iwi Ciriaco
''Highly recommend this place for anyone who is experiencing muscle tension. I had a clinical massage and after the session I felt relief for the muscle areas I had tension in. Lorenzo is also very friendly and shares tips on stretching and warming muscles up. Very good experience!''
Karyn Chan
Lorenzo has been very helpful with resolving my back pain issues, as well as other sport injuries over the last two months. He has also given useful advice on rehabilitation exercises that can be done at home following the sessions.
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