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Common causes of neck pain

Sedentary lifestyle. Spending long periods of time in the same position can lead to stiffness and reduced circulation in the neck and shoulder muscles, which increases sensitivity to pain. Regular mobility and strength exercises are beneficial in treating neck pain.

Sleeping in an awkward position can cause neck pain when waking up in the morning. Joints, muscles and nerves in the neck region can get irritated when the head is held at a bad angle during sleep.

Cervical disc herniation happens when an intervertebral disc of the neck presses on a nerve causing pain, numbness and weakness in the upper limbs. Most cases resolve with physiotherapy treatment within three months. A small percentage of cases requires surgery.

Whiplash injury. It occurs when a person's car is hit from behind, forcing the cervical spine and head to move suddenly backward and forward. Symptoms are stiffness and pain in the posterior neck and head area.

Tension headache. High stress level can cause the muscles in the posterior part of the head and neck to become tight and painful. Manual therapy, heat therapy and stretching are helpful in relieving the pain.


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