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5 Easy Steps To Stop Back And Neck Pain For Good

Back pain can be extremely painful and debilitating. Detrimental effects range from absence from work, inability to exercise and also psychological distress. Fortunately, back pain can be stopped for good with the right management. Read on to find out how to cure your back pain.

Key statistics

- About 80% of people have back pain at some point in their life.

- Back pain is in the top 10 reasons for visiting a healthcare professional.

- More than 95% of back pain cases don’t require surgery and get better with physiotherapy.

1. Get the right diagnosis

Back pain is rarely a medical emergency. However, it is important to visit a healthcare professional to rule out any sinister conditions and establish the best treatment in order to recover better and faster. You may also have several concerns about your pain which can be answered during the consultation.

2. Get treated

A physiotherapist will tailor a treatment plan based on the assessment findings. Common treatment techniques are deep tissue massage, joint mobilization and manipulation. These modalities help to relieve the pain, improve mobility and recover faster.

3. Stay active

The old recommendation used to be to stay in bed when having back pain. This has changed in the past few years thanks to emerging evidence that shows people with back pain who stay active recover faster. For this reason, you should try to stay as mobile as possible without aggravating your pain. Stretching and mobility exercises are great during the initial acute phase.

4. Strengthen your back

Recent studies indicate that posterior chain exercises are the most effective in treating back pain. Some examples are deadlift, good-morning and hip thrust. These movements help to strengthen your lower back and posterior hip muscles. Strong muscles can tolerate more stress without getting injured.

5. Improve your lifestyle

Factors that get often overlooked when treating pain are those related to lifestyle. Sleep plays a major part in your health. People who sleep less than 7 hours have 1.7 more chances of getting injured. Other contributing factors to pain are smoking, diet and stress level.

To sum up, effective treatment for back pain requires a thorough diagnosis, a customized treatment, an exercise program and lifestyle changes. Get in touch with us to have a session with one of our expert physiotherapists.

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