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Neck Hump: How Physiotherapy Can Help Improve Your Posture

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

A neck hump is a visible bump at the base of the neck. Many people with this condition seek physiotherapy treatment because of pain. Others, may not have any discomfort but wish to correct their posture for esthetic reasons. In this blog post, we will explore how physiotherapy can help improve your posture and manage neck hump.

neck hump

What Causes neck hump?

Some people are more likely to develop a neck hump due to genetic reason, especially as they get older. Nonetheless, lifestyle choices and a good exercise routine can minimize the development of this prominence.

How Physiotherapy can help improve your posture

Here is what to expect from a physiotherapy session for your neck problem:

1. Assessment

You will be asked questions regarding your neck issue in order to identify all the contributing factors. Your physiotherapist will then assess the range of motion and strength in your neck, and palpate the muscles in the cervical region in order to identify the areas that require treatment.

2. Therapeutic exercises

Poor posture is prevalent among sedentary people. When sitting for prolonged time, your head and shoulders lean forward. This can cause weakness and tightness in the cervical and upper shoulder areas. Strengthening the posterior neck muscles will help to provide support to your spine, while stretching will improve your neck mobility and reduce muscle tension.

4. Manual therapy

Your physiotherapist may use manual therapy to relieve your symptoms. Common techniques used by physiotherapists are sports massage, joint mobilization, and manipulation. Sports massage helps to reduce muscle tension, while mobilization and manipulation are used to restore range of motion in your spine.

5. lifestyle changes

For deskbound people, it is advisable to take a break from sitting position every 30 minutes. You can perform some simple stretching exercises at your desk. Factors such as an improperly positioned computer monitor or chair will also need to be addressed.


Having a neck hump is rarely a sign of a medical emergency. However, it may cause pain and discomfort, and having poor posture can affect your confidence. With the right combination of exercises, manual therapy, and lifestyle adjustments, you can reduce pain and achieve better posture.

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